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What are my favorite products?

whey protein powder
My favorite flavors are chocolate chip cookie dough, s’mores, cookies n cream, red velvet cake batter, cinnamon swirl, molten chocolate, cor-fetti cake batter, peanut butter marshmallow! These wheys don’t have a bad after taste, are extremely versatile when cooking, taste amazing with just water, mix well, and have 25g of protein with only 3-4g carbs!

Fat burners
Super HD is a stimulant fat burner which gives you energy so you can take this as a pre workout as well! This stuff is crazy amazing!
CLK is a non-stimulant fat burner so you take it and burn fat all day long!
Pair both of these up to double the fat burning! Don’t forget that a healthy diet and exercise is also helpful for maximum results!

Ever feel like you’re low on energy? Don’t worry. C4 is the product for you! Not only does this pre workout come in amazing flavors (blue razz, fruit punch and watermelon are my favorite) but it will seriously energize you like the energizer bunny to keep you going during your workout!

Bcaa’s are useful to drink before, during, or after a workout to make sure you body doesn’t feed off of muscles! Especially if you do fasted cardio, you NEED bcaa’s as one of your supplements! You can drink them with water, blend with ice to make a slushie, use some sugar free jello to make gummies! The possibilities are endless!

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10/31 HIIT cardio, abs and arms


This is all a home workout, so for those who don’t have a member ship this is perfect for you!

HIIT circuit:
-2 minute jump rope
-1 minute jumping jacks
-1 minute high knees
-1 minute stairs
-repeat 3-5x

-1 min toe touches
-1 min Russian twists
-30 sec plank
-30 sec side plank (per side)
-1 minute crazy Ivans
-1 minute leg lifts
-repeat 3x

-12 bicep curls
-20 tricep extensions
-15 shoulder flys
-repeat 5x

Tips: if you don’t have a jump rope or stairs, switch for burpees or tuck jumps. All ab movements besides the planks, do with a medicine ball, kettle ball, or dumbbell!

I was dripped sweat after this workout! I got all dressed and ready to go to the gym, however I wasn’t in the mood to go and do normal cardio. So I decided to make up my own HIIT cardio and it was a lot harder than I thought! The perfect thing about this workout was that the entire time I was in my fat burning heart rate area (60-80% of your heart rate) ill definitely be doing this again!

How to calculate your fat burning heart rate area: 220-(your age) then multiply by .6 (this is the lowest FB area) then multiply by .8 (max fat burn area)
Example: 220-17=203•.6=121, 203•.8=162
121-162 would be where I want my heart rate to be in order to burn fat!

happy fat burning ❤


Killer legs and butt workout!

This is what my current leg day workout is! This workout usually burns anywhere between 450-700 calories depending on what I do for cardio that day! And it is killer, I can promise you that!

Circuit 1:
-weighted step ups for 1 minute
-15 weighted donkey kicks
-15 weighted fire hydrants
-12 split lunges
-12 barbell squats
-repeat 3x

Circuit 2:
-15 hip abductions (both ways)
-15 leg press
-15 leg extensions
-15 hamstring curls
-repeat 3-4x

I promise you, if you put in 100% into this workout, your legs and glutes will be so sore the next day!

Tip: for the step ups, use a height of step that challenges you, enough to where you find it hard to complete the 1 minute, also start off with low weight then increase weight as the exercise gets easier for you.

Enjoy ❤

Calling all oatmeal lovers!

So I took a break from my egg whites this morning and made oatmeal since it’s a high calorie day! And this is what I came up with!


1/2 C dry instant oats
1 C non-fat organic milk
1 large banana
1/2 C raspberries
3 stevia packets
1 tbsp organic dark chocolate PB
1 tbsp organic coconut flakes unsweetened

Cook oatmeal with milk as you normally would, then add the cinnamon and stevia, then dark chocolate PB and the fruit and flakes!

This breakfast is full of nutrients and made to help keep you full until your next snack or meal!

Enjoy ❤

The truth about Pinterest workouts

Anyone who is beginning their fitness journey, or has been on it for years has gone to Pinterest for motivation or workouts at least once. Scrolling through the health and fitness section, you see tons of fit girls with abs, hot guys, food they claim to be healthy, and most of all; workouts.

These workouts vary from HIIT cardio workouts, leg workouts, Brazilian butt lifts, and then there’s the ones that say if you did this you’ll burn “x” amount of calories.

The other day I was looking through Pinterest on the health and fitness section and I came across a certain workout that says it burns 1000 calories. To anyone this would sound intriguing, mostly because of the simplicity of the circuit. So today, I decided to try this 1000 calorie workout and I used my heart rate monitor to see if this workout was really the Jesus of Pinterest exercises.

This was the workout I did


And this is how many calories I actually burned.


That’s right. A workout that says it burns 1000 calories only burned 91

Now this post isn’t to say all Pinterest workouts are full of shit and that you shouldn’t try them. Every calorie counts, every push-up, every squat makes you better than the day before. When I first began my journey a year ago, Pinterest was my guide and it helped me learn a lot. I highly recommend Pinterest for those lacking in motivation and need new ideas for workouts. However, do not be fooled by posts on there that say they burn some extreme amount of calories, because chances are, it won’t be what you expect it too.

Also, this is another good reason to get a heart rate monitor. No cardio machine will be accurate and 90% of the time, even with your information put into the machine, I always found the machine was 50-200 calories more than I actually burned.


I find it very important to balance out where I want my body to be and how my body feels. Working so hard to the point of losing your love of eating healthy and exercising is something I’m afraid of.

This week, I have eaten very clean, worked out everyday however; I have slacked on my cardio. And by slacked I mean only doing 5 minutes a day. I hate cardio and it’s always something I dread before going to the gym which ends up making me not want to workout. Because of this, I have slowed down this week and focused on eating healthy, and weight training.

When your body tells you to slow down or take a break, listen to it. Whether you’re drained of energy, muscles are extremely sore, or you feel yourself losing your love for exercise. Sometimes a week of less activity and some half ass workouts motivates you more the next week.

A few weeks ago, I weighed myself and I weighed 119 pounds, before I started working out I weighed 115; however at that time I was skinny fat. I weighed myself yesterday and I was 116lbs, this is the best shape I have ever been in but it’s still not enough for me. But progress is progress and I love seeing the changes my body is making.


Currently dreading thinking of cardio right now. We’ll see if I even do 5 minutes… Oops.

Where I’ve been



Senior year started almost two months ago so I’ve been super busy with school work, and college applications (already got accepted to the only school I wanted to go too!) but I’ve also been working on my eating habits and workouts as well.

I’ll be honest, I almost gave up this blog because sometimes it felt like no one read this or cared about what workouts I do. But checking my app and seeing I reached a new high for profile views and got 20 new followers when I hadn’t posted anything in months is what lead me to do this post.

Things I’ve been changing recently, I stopped doing cheat meals. Anyone who’s followed me from the beginning knows I’ve struggled with binge eating which is why I started doing cheat meals. Well recently, when I would have cheat meals, I would become depressed and down on myself for eating badly and it was starting to trigger my eating disorder. So I decided to eat clean 100% of the time, with this I feel so much happier with myself and with my body.

This last week, I felt like I hit a plateau, not with my workouts, but with my progress. So I’m starting to calculate macros, and do carb and calorie cycling. I must say, I was very hesitant to do this again because I became obsessive last time I did it and I ended up eating 400-600 calories a day. However, I’m currently cycling between 1400 to 2000 calories. For example, Monday/Tuesday I eat 1410 calories, wed/thrs I eat 2000, friday/saturday I eat 1700, Sunday I eat 1500. At first I was very bloated, turned out I was eating under 1000 calories a day so literally doubling my caloric intake was a huge change, but I’m already seeing more muscle definition.

My dream is to help people reach their goals in life when it comes to health and fitness. I’ve learned from trial and error and hours and hours of research. Please leave a comment saying something you would like to see, ab workouts, cardio, recipes, anything goes!

Back and stronger than ever, love y’all ❤