I find it very important to balance out where I want my body to be and how my body feels. Working so hard to the point of losing your love of eating healthy and exercising is something I’m afraid of.

This week, I have eaten very clean, worked out everyday however; I have slacked on my cardio. And by slacked I mean only doing 5 minutes a day. I hate cardio and it’s always something I dread before going to the gym which ends up making me not want to workout. Because of this, I have slowed down this week and focused on eating healthy, and weight training.

When your body tells you to slow down or take a break, listen to it. Whether you’re drained of energy, muscles are extremely sore, or you feel yourself losing your love for exercise. Sometimes a week of less activity and some half ass workouts motivates you more the next week.

A few weeks ago, I weighed myself and I weighed 119 pounds, before I started working out I weighed 115; however at that time I was skinny fat. I weighed myself yesterday and I was 116lbs, this is the best shape I have ever been in but it’s still not enough for me. But progress is progress and I love seeing the changes my body is making.


Currently dreading thinking of cardio right now. We’ll see if I even do 5 minutes… Oops.


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